Updates and Status

Changing Up Our Forums And Other Stuff

Hello Folks. Its been a while since our last update. We have some changes going on at the moment.

First up, we are changing our forums. Our current setup is Simple Machine Forums which are nice, but don’t integrate well with WordPress. So we are switching to bbPress. bbPress is a WordPress plugin that provides all the forum functionality we need as well as integration with the blog and its users. This means that we will be opening up registration and commenting on our articles so that as soon as we get it working, we can have forum and blog post comments synced.

This switch will also allow for us to use our current blog theme throughout our site. Right now, our forum theme is drastically different and it can be jarring for some visitors. I have never liked it. I think having a consistent theme is part of having a good website experience. So that will be a nice change.

We will have some other updates coming in short order, so keep in the loop. Thank you again for following us.

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