Divine Knight Gaming LogoHere at Divine Knight Gaming, we are striving to build fun and quality games for people of all ages. We have been working for several years to do everything we can to make this work possible. However, what we can do ourselves is not nearly enough.

While we do a lot of work and put a lot of time and money into this, we can certainly use your help. This can be anything from spreading the word about us and our games to giving us money.

We don’t want this to be a one way street. We want to include you in everything we do. We can’t do that properly without you. So here are some of the many ways you can support us.

  1. Follow us on Social Media and share our social media accounts and posts with your friends. We are on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. So Click like, follow or whatever and share.
  2. Play and share some of our games. We have ads on our site and we make a little bit of money every time someone views one of our games.
  3. Pay what you want for our ManlyBoy Collection. We showed this game collection off at the 2015 Super! BitCon and the people loved it. Pay whatever you want and it will help us make more games.
  4. Buy one or more of our stickers. These are just $5 each and look great on anything you want to stick them on.Divine Knight Gaming Sticker
  5. Donate to keep our site hosting up and running.
  6. Donate Just Because.

Those are some of the ways that you can help us out right now. We will have new things that you can do as development on our games progress. The big thing right now is to get the word out about us and what we are doing.

What will any money we raise go to? The big things are site hosting and domain fees, software and hardware needed to make games, assets such as music and sound effects, venue fees for gaming events, and any other expenses related to game development as they arise. We have a great set of games in the pipeline right now and we want to make them the best they can be.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.