This is our current main project:

Shattered Star: Prelude by Divine Knight Gaming
Shattered Star: Prelude

Here are a couple of games you can buy to help us make more games:

Manly Boy collection is 3 complete gaming experiences in one.

Glug Cave is a prototype we developed during a game jam at the 2015 Super Bitcon.

Here are some other games We have created:

Amazing Mazes
Play Amazing Mazes Here
Alex's Meadow RPG
Play Alex’s Meadow RPG Here
Board Game Quest
Play Board Game Quest Here
Graveyard Defense
Play Graveyard Defense Here
Play Hex Match
Play Hex Match Here
Demon's Hex
Follow Demon’s Hex’s Progress Here
January 2014 One Game A Month Entry: Dragon Canyon
Play Dragon Canyon Here
Dragon Fire
Play Dragon Fire Here
Dragon Punch
Play Dragon Punch Here
Easter Egg Toss
Play Easter Egg Toss Here
Unfinished Bomberman Clone For May One GAM
Play the Unfinished May One Game Here