It has been a while since starting this website and it is now time for our first update on our game. I hope as time moves froward I will be able to share more often.

We are currently working on two games, yes two as in more than one and less than three. The idea is that one of our games is far more graphically advanced than the other. So while Willis works on the graphics for the more advanced one, I will be working on a smaller game where I can use my “art” ability to get some thing done. This way, I can create a code base I can work off of for our more advanced game and still get a full fledged game out the door.

So here is our first tease on our new game.

Keep in mind, this is just a teaser. I am not releasing any specifics just as of yet. But you may be able to guess the type of game based on the graphics provided.

I hope to have more up within the next week or so.

Hi, I’m zachary