I have been working on the actual Flash portions of the game for a while and needed a break. Since I didn’t want to stop development on the game, I am working on the PHP back end for the game.

Since the game will require information stored in a database on the server, I figured I would get started on that. To be frank, I am a lot more comfortable working with PHP at this time and it is a nice change of pace for me. I have been working as a PHP developer for a little over three years and this is second nature to me. So we will have some nice clean PHP code that will help keep the game running smoothly.

I really like working on the Flash portions o the game and it is providing me with a nice change of pace from my normal PHP work. There is a lot of stuff I did not know about Actionscript 3 and I look forward to learning more of it. But, the programming has been slower going than I had hoped as I have to look  up a lot of the information.

Hopefully, as I get the PHP back end up and running, that will spur development of the Flash front end. Knowing what information will be on the server, how I will be connecting to it and what I will be doing with it, will really speed up development. I really should have been doing more of it sooner.

Add that to my list of things I wish I had thought of sooner. So far it is:

  • Use an existing Flash Game Engine, in this case Flixel
  • Develop the back end first.

We’ll see what else crops up.

And just so you don’t leave without a treat, here are some of the latest characters Willis has made. He is doing an awesome job.

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