New Game and Tutorial

While working on our first game, I decided I wanted to share some of the wealth of knowledge I have gained on AS3 programming. So I put together an simple Memory Match game and wrote a tutorial to go along with it.

The game plays like any other memory match game but uses a series of hexagon shaped cards rather than rectangle. It is also limited to 10 cards so the difficulty level is rather low. I was able to beat it in 6 turns at one point simply because I got lucky.

The tutorial is pretty thorough for the game and covers everything from creating a title screen, writing the game mechanics and creating a card class. I hope it is not a jumbled mess and you can follow it and learn from it. It is my first coding tutorial.

I mainly wrote the game for my own benefit and decided that there was some information in this game I had trouble finding else where.

So enjoy.


Hi, I’m zachary