Month: September 2011

Back End Programing

I have been working on the actual Flash portions of the game for a while and needed a break. Since I didn’t want to stop development on the game, I am working on the PHP back end for the game.

Since the game will require information stored in a database on the server, I figured I would get started on that. To be frank, I am a lot more comfortable working with PHP at this time and it is a nice change of pace for me. I have been working as a PHP developer for a little over three years and this is second nature to me. So we will have some nice clean PHP code that will help keep the game running smoothly.

I really like working on the Flash portions o the game and it is providing me with a nice change of pace from my normal PHP work. There is a lot of stuff I did not know about Actionscript 3 and I look forward to learning more of it. But, the programming has been slower going than I had hoped as I have to look  up a lot of the information.

Hopefully, as I get the PHP back end up and running, that will spur development of the Flash front end. Knowing what information will be on the server, how I will be connecting to it and what I will be doing with it, will really speed up development. I really should have been doing more of it sooner.

Add that to my list of things I wish I had thought of sooner. So far it is:

  • Use an existing Flash Game Engine, in this case Flixel
  • Develop the back end first.

We’ll see what else crops up.

And just so you don’t leave without a treat, here are some of the latest characters Willis has made. He is doing an awesome job.

Here Come the Bottom Feeders

Tom Buscaglia


Earlier this week, Tom Buscaglia wrote up an article warning indie game developers away from bad deals with publishers. In this warning he states the following:


In this article he talks about the recent success of indie developers such as Notch, the creator of the popular Minecraft game. He states that publishers are taking notice of the indie games industry are are looking for marks. He warns us to be wary of any deal that might come our way:

But there are also a slew of bottom feeders who offer nothing but exploitation to any unwary developer looking to get his passion project in the world. I started seeing this crop up around the same time that word got out on Minecraft’s financial success. Like circling vultures with the smell of death in their nostrils, these “so called” publishing partners began to sign up Indies, launch Indie “friendly” portals and even run contests with the big award being getting the privilege to get screwed as first prize.

These publishers offer many promises and bait to lure in indie developers. I am reminded of Activision’s recent indie game contest. While the deal looked good on the surface and they promised to play nice with any developer who won, their past history with other developers led me to avoid them at all costs. Continue Reading