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Flixel Flash Engine

This past week, I came across the Flixel engine for Flash game development. I have been looking for something to kelp me speed up development on our game and this looked to be the most promising of the engines I had found.

However, according to the download page, they did not have a IDE based solution to getting Flixel to work in my set up of Ubuntu Linux, Eclipse Helios and AXDT. So I decided to take a stab at getting it up and running myself.

The solution turned out to be easier than I thought it would be, but I need to start from the beginning.

First I am running Ubuntu 11.04 64bit. This version of Linux only has Eclipse 3.5 Galileo in its repositories. So I had to download 3.6 myself. Now when you download Eclipse 3.6, (as of this article, Eclipse is on 3.7. I have not tested this with 3.7 so take caution if you go that route. 3.6 should still be available.) make sure you do not get the Classic version because it doesn’t have the Eclipse Marketplace. Without that, you can’t get AXDT.

Once you download and install Eclipse, follow the installation instructions on the AXDT website to install it. Very simple.

You can actually start programming flash games now. However, we aren’t done yet. Read more

Dialog Box and Button Tutorial

Dialog Box Screen ShotOver the weekend I was working on a dialog box for our game. This box would add the ability to show some text that can scroll and have a button to close. Something simple that we need for just about any game.

Unfortunately, I found that Actionscript 3 does not have any built in functionality for this and had to create it myself. I found some scattered tutorials around the web to do what I wanted, but they were often not easy to find or use. Namely, most of the tutorials I found were for use with the Flash IDE, which I am not using. I am using a strict code only system. So those tutorials did not help completely. They did however point me in the right direction.

So I created a tutorial to show you what I did to solve my problems.

Just follow the link to the Dialog Box and Button Tutorial.

Back Up and Running

Well, I am back up and running. Turns out the problem had little to do with Ubuntu 11.04 and more to do with Firefox 4.

Firefox 4 upgraded to XULRunner 2 and Eclipse is only compatible with 1. So the built in web browser didn’t work.

I found a site that help me figure it out. He had the steps necessary to upgrade Eclipse to work with Firefox 4. I did have to download the latest version of eclipse, Helios, as Ubuntu only has Galileo.

I am really not sure why the Ubuntu Repositories are always so far behind in app versions. It is really annoying.

Well, now that development is back on track, I hope to have some updates on the actual game soon. I will keep you informed.