Month: January 2011

New Characters for Our Game

To get something out there, this game will be based on a hexagonal token battle system. So all these characters will be positioned on a token.

That aside, here are some characters that will be making an appearance in the game. Some are made by me, Zachary, and others by my brother Willis.

So first off, here are some of mine:

From Left to Right, Top Row: knight, Sorcerer, Priestess, Paladin; Bottom Row: Blob, Spider, Skeleton Knight, Winged Devil

Now here are some of his:

From Left to Right, Top Row: Elf Female, Fire Wizard, Blood Priestess, Dark Knight; Bottom Row: Ogre, Vampira, Vampire, Blood Skeleton

This is just a small sampling of the characters we are doing. I am really impressed with Willis\\\’ ability to stick to the design and constraints I set for this game as well as his attention to detail. He is working at a much faster pace than I started out with. I look forward to seeing more of what he puts forward.

This game will have a over a hundred characters by the time it is ready for release and we will be adding more over the life of the game.

Stay tuned for more.

New Year Resolutions

Divine Knight Gaming LogoHere at Divine Knight gaming, we want to bring quality gaming to everyone. This year we are committed to that cause. We have decided to release some resolutions for the coming year.

We resolve to complete and release two games this year.

You have already seen a teaser for one of our games. The other we have not released any information.

Over the course of the next year, we will be releasing more information on both of these games. You can expect to see more teasers for the teased game in the coming weeks and some teasers and information for our other game about the middle of the year.

We are committed to our cause and will work extra hard to make both games at the quality you can come to expect from us in the future.

Please keep tuned in.

Oh and expect a redesign of our current site theme. It needs a bit of a refresh.