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From the Outside Wanting In: The iPhone

One of the most successful platforms to hit the market in recent history is the iPhone. This platform introduced buy Apple has taken the gaming world buy storm. The iPhone has introduced handheld gaming to millions of people and the number of apps both gaming and not have grown many fold since its introduction.

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From the Outside, Wanting In: Introduction

As a non-games programmer looking to get into game development, I am absolutely astounded by the number of choices available to develop and distribute video games to my potential customers. As a non-games professional, I do not have a strong desire to move house and get a job with a professional games studio but would much ratherĀ  strike out on my own. I have been watching the options available to a prospective game developer in my position and am now ready to search and compile what is to be learned and share it with others before embarking on my development journey.

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