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Ouya’s New Free The Games Fund Rules

The Ouya $1Million Free The Games FundNot long after posting my article on selling an Ouya exclusive Kickstarter, Ouya changed all the rules on me. It was a very good thing too. Now, pretty much all the thought and planning that went into pulling off a successful $50k Kickstarter has been rendered useless, for the better.

The big changes are to the minimum funds needed to be raised and the exclusivity of the game. No longer will I need to try to raise $50k to get matching funds; I can now raise anything over $10k. This is a great thing as it will allow me the comfort of focusing on a smaller game project. Something I think can be more doable than a full $50k project.

With the change in exclusivity, I no longer need to worry about convincing PC backers to wait an extra 6 months. They can get the game right alongside the Ouya backers. The only people who need to wait are other microconsoles and mobile users. Not really a big deal there. Even then, they only need to wait 1 month times the number of $10k chunks that Ouya backs up to 6 months.

So what does this mean for Divine Knight Gaming? Well, it means two things.

The first is that it means that we have a far better chance of getting matching funds for any project we might do. The lower barrier will help us put together a project we feel good about and feel would be able to reach at least $10k.

The second is that we will have a lot more competition. With that lower barrier, a lot more game projects will be vying for a chunk of the pie. So by the time we are ready to introduce our Kickstarter, we may be gunning for a much smaller chunk of the pie than we initially expected. But that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Frankly, I am more excited about the Free the Games Fund now than I was two weeks ago. It feels more doable and open to me now. I am still not sure how I want to approach it just yet, but I certainly want to try hard at getting a game prototype or two out there to see what feels right. We will just have to wait and see.

How To Sell An Ouya Exclusive Kickstarter

The Ouya $1Million Free The Games FundSo there has been a lot of disappointment over the Ouya Free The Games Fund. I am a little disappointed in how Ouya has responded to the controversies that plague the program as well. I won’t hide that. However, I think some of the complaints are not warranted.

Specifically, I think the complaint that it is impossible to sell an Ouya exclusive Kickstarter is kind of baseless. While the complaint that it is difficult to raise $50k in any Kickstarter is sound, it is not impossible. So it is with the Ouya exclusive nature of the Kickstarter, if it is sold correctly. Continue Reading

We Got Our Ouya And Are Excited For Its Potential

The Ouya ConsoleLast week, our Ouya arrived. This little guy has the potential to change console gaming for the better. With the news that the XBone will be blocking used games trades, game lending and game rentals, people are going to be looking for an alternative. Additionally, rumors have it that the PS4 might be following suit. While the WiiU might be able to provide a decent alternative to those two, I think the Ouya holds much greater potential to capture the hearts of gamers.

The biggest part of this is the low cost. Right now, the console is selling for $99.99 over at Ouya.tv. This low cost of entry for the consumer will allow a greater number of people entrance into the gaming fold. Similar to how the Wii brought in new gamers, the Ouya can do it too. The cost savings don’t end there. All games will have some sort of free component to allow gamers to try the game before paying out money for it. So it will be easy to find games you will like without risking your wallets. Continue Reading